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Best pushchair for deaf child

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j311yt0t Thu 02-Aug-18 20:26:27

I have a 1 year old ds who is deaf and wears hearing aids in both ears. I currently have the quinny moodd, which I do like but my son is rapidly growing out of. The main reason Im asking advice is because I need him to stay parent facing for a lot longer yet, as he regularly takes his hearing aids out and throws them/puts them in his mouth/makes me nearly run over them with the buggy wheels. So not only do I have to constantly be able to check his hearing aids are in situ but also I want him to be able to see my face for lip reading. So im looking for a pushchair that can parent face indefinitely, hold a decent sized toddler, and fit in a ford focus boot. Everything for slightly bigger kids seems to world face, and I think the manufacturers assume all kids stop parent facing around 1 year old. Any advice appreciated! Thanks

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