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Private ASD diagnosis

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anniehm Fri 19-Oct-18 07:39:17

The best option is a family course, there's several orgs out there but essentially they train the parents to maximise their child's potential - there's no specific therapy or pill that is a magic bullet. Family therapy to accept the situation is also helpful. My daughters diagnosis took about 45 mins, quite quick, but this was after a year of drs visits, and 6 months in a toddler special needs programme whose specialist teachers had written a report!

A quick check shows that most are not for profit and require a referral from the nhs/social services but there's a couple that seem to be private and one that is online so they could do from India and they are self referral.

I'll be honest though, the approach in the US is quite different and far more interventionist, no idea of their financial situation but if feasible it might be a better option to check out somewhere like Seattle who are light years ahead; (my daughter had 5 years of therapy there, arrived in the U.K. and there was nothing available, it's better now but 12 years ago I fought for everything)

tarantinotpf Thu 30-Aug-18 00:43:51

She will need to see a variety of people including Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, SALT inc social communication, potentially a physiotherapist and a Paediatrician who will need the reports from these specialists before doing an assessment for official diagnosis.

JulietteHelen Sun 22-Jul-18 22:21:07

A friend of a friend lives in Pune, India. Her 6 year old daughter is showing signs of ASD/ADHD/possible dyslexia. I advised looking for a local diagnosis and was horrified to hear that she had taken the little girl to "one of the best doctors" who was visiting for the day from Delhi. He saw her for 5 mins, "diagnosed" ADHD/social communication problems/learning difficulties and recommended 7, yes 7 different tablets, 6 of which were expensive cognitive tablets for which I guess the doc was getting backhanders....the 7th was ....Epsom salts. She wants to bring her to UK to get a diagnosis, and Mum would like to do some kind of course to help her daughter better. Can anyone recommend a good private clinic please?

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