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ABA therapy services in London for ASD?

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kaydee7394 Mon 14-May-18 20:52:49

Hello, our family are considering/researching a move from US to UK-London, and trying to learn the similarities and differences between service coverages in US vs UK for our child with ASD.

We currently receive ABA, speech, OT in home-based program in US, which is partially covered by private health insurance. The process for getting coverage was VERY complicated, lengthy wait lists, etc. when we went through public government-based coverage. Private insurance was much easier and quicker, and has been a more positive experience overall.

Are there any parents out there who either relocated from US to UK with children with ASD? Or parents who currently receive therapy services in London? Any resources, feel free to share along!

Thank you in advance for your time!

MumUnderTheMoon Mon 03-Sep-18 20:50:37

ABA is considered controversial in the UK some people swear by it some people consider it dog training for kids. You will have to pay privately for it although there are a few ABA schools. Ot, speech therapy are provided in clinics I've never heard of anyone having them at home. I'm not sure how things work for people coming to the uk from outside Europe but Ot, speech therapy and so on are provided for free on the nhs.

anniehm Fri 19-Oct-18 07:46:07

We did. ABA isn't used here, nor are there special school programmes at primary level unless they are non functioning (then it's a general special school) help is given in the classroom alongside typical peers by a classroom assistant. OT and PT is widely available if required. There's some private providers, and a couple of orgs that train parents but the emphasis is different to the US. My daughter was nearly 6 when we moved back (we are British but moved to us when she was an infant) so I have no idea if she had already got an advantage from ABA but the positive thing is that being mainstream educated mostly worked great and she is now at university - several of or friends also have autistic kids and they are doing well too, they have never had ABA.

anniehm Fri 19-Oct-18 07:52:21

You will need private health insurance for peace of mind as you will only be entitled to emergency healthcare at first and be aware that it isn't comprehensive like in the US and pre existing conditions issues will be a problem. - speak to a specialist consultant on your healthcare options. The good news is private insurance is a lot cheaper here because piggybacks on the NHS. There's a private school in north London that offers ABA but from what I understand it caters to quite severely autistic kids, not something appropriate for high functioning asd

HAileycandice04 Thu 25-Apr-19 19:10:06

Looking for a private ABA near south east london or any private therapy for autism. My daughter is nearly 3yrs old but with delayed speech and has problem with social interaction. Thou she is still undiagnosed of ASD. But I'm looking for any early intervention for her. The one in NHS takes time. She had few speech languages theraply and she was referred

Mum2prince Wed 04-Dec-19 23:04:09

@HAileycandice04 did you manage to find help, would you like me to pm you?

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