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Reflex therapy and AIT

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BingBo Mon 05-Feb-18 22:10:23

DS is 5 with lots of issues. Mild but enough to hinder his progress in school and in sports.

We are considering retained reflexes therapy and the Auditory Integration Training.

I've seen other posts recommending Hemispheres is quite good at the retained reflexes therapy. Is that the case? Would you recommend any other places in Herts or London from your experience?

About AIT, the odd thing is, I've seen lots of post related to Sound Learning Centre. But when I search the post from the past year, it seems very little result found. Is it simply because no discussion about it? Or any negative news about it which I haven't picked up?

If nothing, can someone who has done AIT with Sound Learning Centre for their children let me know if the progress made has been retained over time or not? Or only temporary?

Any response is appreciated!

Foxesjumpers Tue 06-Feb-18 21:21:35

Hi there
We did retained reflexes for DS who is 5 at Hemispheres. Just been discharged after just over a year. I would highly recommend them for reflexes as we have seen a lot of improvements.

Regarding the AIT - they do the Listening Programme at Hemispheres and they can do a hearing test first to see if it would be beneficial. They did the test on my DS at his final appointment and it didn't look like it would make a whole heap of difference so I think we are better off looking at different therapies moving forwards. It was great that they didn't just say it would help and take my money...because they were well aware that I would have gone ahead and paid for anything if they gave me an inkling it would help!

tryinghardtohide Tue 06-Feb-18 21:46:50

Foxesjumpers Thanks. I'm still yet to decide with whom we want to go. Heimsphere's assessment fee alone is eye-watering. I don't mind if it helps, but previously had experience with someone else for other things didn't work out and put me off a bit. Good to know they helped your little one, so I keep it in my shortlist. Thanks!

cowprintsocks Sat 10-Mar-18 18:15:14

Hi. Was just about to post about hemispheres and found this thread. Out of interest-what’s their assessment fee? Debating whether to see them or wait for our DD...

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