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Moving to Basingstoke-Nursery, OT, speech ,.....recommendations

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Jae007 Fri 02-Feb-18 22:25:49

Hi, we Are moving to Hampshire next month and our eldest son will be 39 months old. We are considering Basingstoke area but want to know if there are some good childcare options. Our son has cerebral palsy- spastic quadriplegia. We would probably want somewhere that can give good 1:1 - I am unsure how it works to get the extra help but primarily I would want him to integrate with other kids as much as possible.

I am after the following:
- recommendations of childcare/ nursery/ preschools in Basingstoke
- recommendations of any good OT and Speech therapists ( his main issues are significant language delay, and sensory processing) happy to travel. Thanks

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