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Holiday ideas

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davyatsea Thu 28-Dec-17 17:41:32

Hi there. Hope I've put this in the right place, if not please point me in the right direction. DW and I are looking at a family holiday for next year, along with celebrating DW 40th Birthday. DS aged 13 with HFA is VERY anti holidays following an incident in Tenerife this year where DW fell off water ride and banged head (spent night in hospital and DS was very traumatised by this. DD aged 7, loves holidays and would gladly go back to Tenerife again. She has PDA and shows no sign of trauma from last holiday. Family support so DW and I can go away ourselves is non existent, so we can't decide what to do. America was mentioned, but we want to avoid anywhere to busy due to anxiety, especially in DS. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

davyatsea Thu 28-Dec-17 18:57:01

It's just occurred to me that I've posted something similar earlier this year. But seeming as anxiety in DS has increased substantially recently, I am looking for fresh ideas. He has not attended school since 8th November and has barely left the house since apart from a couple of medical appointments. It's so difficult to think of ideas for a family holiday when DS is the way he is.

jellybeanteaparty Mon 29-Jan-18 18:43:43

Centre Algarve may be worth a look. Developed by UK couple. Accommodation, pool and mini zoo.

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