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Kids with zing.... anyone recommend

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heartofhome Tue 12-Sep-17 22:19:00

Just that - has anyone ever done kids with zing, seems to be directed at neurological development - but wondering if has good proven results
Slick marketing, need some independent reviews tho

simonhc Mon 25-Sep-17 00:44:01

I have seen presentation and am similarly very sceptical

simonhc Mon 25-Sep-17 01:09:35


evansge Thu 12-Oct-17 12:15:38

Hi - I have researched Winford Dore and I am using Kid with Zing and after 8 weeks I'm seeing amazing results with my severely dyslexic son. What a parent needs to know is that a child needs to do brain exercises or reading interventions every day for at least 20 min for 120-150 hours for the brain to grown neurons. Winford's heart is in the right place but his marketing style is hopeless. I paid £350 for the App and half price for my daughter to use. The App is used daily for 6 months and progress is recorded. The child follows the movements of a character for eye tracking, balance, coordination etc. The child uses it twice a day for 10 mins. These brain integration exercises are well known to the build neuron capacity needed for reading/spelling. It is easy for parent/child to use. Unfortunately the education system does not understand brain integration, vilified the man as being a fraud and only after peoples money. A more in depth system is Integrated Listening, the website is very good and you can find people who use the system in the UK Their system you incorporate sound with movement but the child needs to do it for 1 hour a few times a week and you need to be trained on the system . This link is on the website and it shows the found describe how the system works (Wynford Dore should take lessons from him :-)

Isabel87 Wed 01-Nov-17 16:12:31

Hi, have you heard about Smart Start Minds? They do a neurofeedback training for kids and adults to improve concentration.

Beckybburger Fri 17-Jan-20 04:16:10

@evansge I’m curious how the program worked for your son. Would you recommend it?

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