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Advice for a day out with friend and SN son

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TheDizzyRascal Wed 26-Jul-17 15:51:00

Hi! I'm looking for some advice on a day out if anyone can help! My friend has a SN youngest son (age 5), and her eldest (8) is friends with my little girl so we often have days out together or meet at the park and so on. She has a tough time and you can always tell that she's desperate to get out and have adult company and fun with both kids, but it's not easy to go many places with her youngest - he has no understanding of danger, he's non verbal but very active, loves to run around and play with a ball etc, but will run off in the wrong direction with no warning and his mum often ends up just chasing him around so it's not very relaxing for her (at all!) and she doesn't end up having much adult conversation because she's too busy with the little one, and I feel like I've not helped her "escape" much at all! I'm looking for some tips or advice on how I can make this easier for her, what sort of places could we meet that would suit the little one a bit more? Somewhere safe and enclosed, not wanting to restrict him to his buggy all day but somewhere that I can try and give his mum a bit of help and let her enjoy herself too without having to constantly chase around? Sorry I'm probably not very good at explaining this but I'm hoping you get the gist! It's hard for me to help with the little boy as he doesn't understand me, I try to pick up a few bits of sign language but I don't know much, and he can get aggressive which obviously his mum doesn't want him to get like that with other people so she always steps in. He has a very short attention span so he's hard to distract - he basically wants to be able to run free like most 5 year olds so I don't know where we could go! Any help appreciated, thank you! x

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