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Mild Asperger's??

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FossilMum Thu 23-May-13 13:31:38

Already posted on Education, but reposting here in the hope of more traffic. Any advice gratefully received.

DS is 5.8, YR. I worry he may have mild Asperger's, but I may be overthinking this because of family history. DH's brother & nephew have AS; niece has PDD-NOS. DH and I both geeky; DH reportedly didn't talk to any other children in his first few years at school.

DS is bright, good at maths & writing, average reading, chats happily with adults and sometimes other children, reasonable coordination.

Concern: he seems 'different' to the other boys, in particular; unsure how to play with them. Plus a tendency to want others to do things very specific ways [e.g. a cuddle only counts if my cheek is on his ear in a particular orientation!]. But he's actually good at dealing with unexpected events that are clearly out of our control, so maybe he's just being manipulative? Not sure if he's just a quiet type who needs more practice socialising and a chance to meet the right friend, or if there's more to it.

His attempts to play with others are mainly "watch me!". He joins in sometimes, but then drifts out and ends up alone. If asked to play by others he nearly always says "no", even though it's something he would normally enjoy, because he was "already busy doing something else".

Yesterday he burst into hysterical tears in a game of "throw and catch", when he threw to me instead of to the next boy along, and I (having missed the catch) let the other boy get it. I worry this sort of behaviour could result in him being bullied in the future.

He freaked out at school 2 weeks ago, crying hysterically and flatly refusing to take his jumper off like all the others even though it was sweltering, because he was afraid it would get lost. Normally his behaviour at school is perfect [we get the aftermath at home!]

He seems to take things very literally, but perhaps this is normal for age? He does respond well to "how would you feel if I did that?" arguments.

He sometimes completely blanks other children or adults who say "hello".

He hadn't much practice playing with other children until starting nursery at 4. Presumably if this is his 'only' problem, he'll figure things out eventually -- but if he does have mild AS, then he may need some extra help from someone other than us.

Does this sound like mild AS to you? Should I mention my concerns to his YR or Y1 teacher? At what age do mild AS cases usually get diagnosed, and is any intervention actually likely to be provided or useful at this stage?

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