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adult with possibly autism

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satchmo Sat 28-Apr-12 17:12:55

My ds is 30. He is possibly autistic, but not enough to get real help, it seems. He is unemployed, can't form a lasting relationship, he is depressed, I'm depressed. Is there any support out there for someone his age? Everything seems to run out when you're past school age.

Eliza22 Tue 15-May-12 12:24:27

I'm bumping this for you because I have a son who has asd, high functioning, with co-morbid OCD.

When you say heis possibly autistic, I'm presuming he doesn't have a diagnosis. He is not alone. Many many adults have referred themselves for diagnosis, as all the current media enlightenment and better diagnosing had brought to light how very common as condition this is.

You may have done these things already....

Contact your gp and explain the situation candidly. Your son would need to see the doctor but seriously, depression and suicide among young men, is so prevalent, I'd really encourage this as a first port of call.

The National Autistic Society can be helpful and have really sympathetic people on their information and help line. If you haven't, get in touch, they may be able to guide you. They may know of adult groups in your area or social outlets.

This may not suit your son but, would he consider some local voluntary work? Contact the or any 'volunteering' websites. That way, he could ease in gently. He need not to commit to too much at first and, there's no pressure, it being voluntary. It might give him some confidence, he might add to existing skills, he'd meet people, it'd get him out of the house for as long or as little as he can cope with and work may develope from that. Just a thought.

Let us know how he gets on, will you?

Eliza22 Tue 15-May-12 12:26:47

My son, btw, is 11 and was diagnosed at age 4 but, I can see much of what the future holds and, it's heartbreaking.


SilkStalkings Mon 16-Jul-12 12:10:33

If you're in the South, there is an adult diagnosis service in Southampton you can get referred to. Probably something similar in Cambridge (it being a hotspot) and I think Nottingham.

thunderbird5 Mon 06-Aug-12 17:07:34

my 11 year old has a severe medical condition and autism comes under it yet gps never write 'autism' down on their med details. I have it too but gps think Im making it up, never get taken seriously. and so have many probs getting relevant help. plus, gps never like it when you look up conditions on the web or wherever. they always like to think they know more than you cos theyre the 'experts'. we both also suffer from severe affects us every single day and we both find it so hard to function. and we NEVER get the help we need, imparticularly with housing needs. Many times Ive felt like giving up and taking both our lives as child cannot function with anyone else. where are the caring gps? all they want is their paypackets.

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