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Weighted blankets recommendation - help needed

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grossmec Wed 11-Apr-12 13:38:33

Can anyone who HAS bought a weighted blanket AND had success with one please recommend a place to BUY one?

My 6yo son has AD(possibly H)D and Sensory Processing Disorder at the very least. He came up with a 2 duvet solution but it's going to get warm at night at some point and I'd like to be prepared for when that happens.

Money (while slightly an issue) is not the main concern. I am more interested in quality, convenience and how long into the future it will be useful.

I AM GOING TO BUY ONE so I would be grateful if you could refrain from giving me advice on how to make one and I don't need advice on whether you think they are worth the money or if you think they don't work.

Any practical advice on this will be very much appreciated.

Thank you

SqueezyDiva Mon 23-Apr-12 20:55:16

Hi Grosmec. I have had two different types in recent years. Both from the same company - Sensory Direct I believe. My preference has been for the blanket which has removable weights. It is worth the extra money. This means my DS can use it without other sheets on hot nights. Even so, it is too warm for him n the height of summer.

I would also recommend getting the bigger size, at least the size of a single duvet. The smaller one was just annoying and slipped off one side or the other during the night. I would also suggest getting a blanket heavier than the manufacturer recommends. This is because kids grow or get accustomed to the weight pretty quickly. It is a waste of money otherwise. Also if you invest in the washable blanket (with removable weights) you can store spare weights and add as required.

Lougle Mon 23-Apr-12 21:16:52

Wow. That is a seriously snippy OP. Enjoy your hunt.

Gotosleepffs Tue 29-May-12 19:53:16

Romps and protec

SittingBull Thu 12-Jul-12 05:09:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grossmec Fri 05-Oct-12 12:18:17

Been away for a while. Thanks for the suggestion.

Boast1938 Fri 16-Dec-16 19:03:47

I bought my great grandson a weighted blanket and duvet from Sensory Direct. Yes ! it helped my gas get to sleep. Sensory a Direct in on the Internet.

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