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How to choose a speech therapist

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Rods1 Wed 27-Jun-12 11:58:32

Hi BBC4lover,

Have you seen this website? It may be of help:

Nico77 Sat 25-Feb-12 19:52:15

Hi my ds aged 4 has speech and language delay (to the point he only has a couple of words)and we live in Abingdon and we have been working with Sally sZyNdel since start of year. I would recommend her, she has been really good and connects well with my son. If you want to contact me if you need any help please feel free.
Ps how did you manage to get an hour week NHS salt we can only get a half hour a week for a 6 week period then stops again.

BBC4lover Fri 24-Feb-12 16:25:18

Thanks TheLightPassenger. Obvious really but I feel awkward phoning and chatting rather than instructing first!

Will have to learn not to be so shy (I wouldn't at work!)

TheLightPassenger Fri 24-Feb-12 16:08:31

I would say e-mail/phone them, to get a feel for their experience of dealing with a child of a similiar age/with similar difficulties to your child. and talk through how you would do this in a cost effective way. with limited funds IME you are probably better off front loading - so a few hundred ish for initial assessment/report/plan of work, then having reviews every so many months. Oh and find out if your local NHS run Hanen courses or something similar.

BBC4lover Fri 24-Feb-12 15:51:53


My ds (3) has a speech and understanding delay and now I have pushed we are going through the NHS SALT sessions (1 hour per week but pretty ineffectual).

However, I feel we are going nowhere fast and have decided that maybe we need to get a private Speech and Language therapist to help him. I don't have unlimited funds so it would be for a few months only (probably) but would hopefully be able to push me in the right direction.

I have looked on here and have found some in my area (Abingdon, Oxfordshire) but they all say the same - they are qualified and like to make learning fun.

How do you choose which one to go with or is it just pot luck?

Thanks in advance

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