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Disabled child now disabled parent

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SunnyCarrie Sat 03-Sep-11 15:11:08

Hi people,

I am a woman who has had severe Juvenile arthritis since aged 15 mths old. I am now a parent to a very health 8 mth old boy. Juvenile arthritis is nothing like adult wear and tear arthritis, it is where you immune system is badly programmed and decides to attack itself including all joints and some organs. However life is great! I am blogging and below explains why.

My priority with the blog was to try and stop the loneliness and wilderness that seems to be a common experience amongst physically disabled parent, even those with bad backs.There is such a lack of information on easy to use high street baby equipment for such parents. I also felt there was a distinct lack of sharing of tips on daily parenting tasks from those with physical limitations so I am trying to help others as are some other mothers on my blog.If you want to hear yet another moan about DLA applications you hardly need look far. When I went on forums for disabled parents or people, all I could find was moaning on DLA! Hardly useful when I needed to know what nappies were easy for my limited hand movement or even for my mouth to do up on some days, I even have covered this in the blog.

I don't like calling it my blog really as there are some very helpful comments on there from other mummies and to be honest they help make it so having you along would be a privilage.

The other reason I wrote the blog is to offer a hand to those poor parents who are going through their child having been diagnosed with arthritis. My parents story and my own perception of early childhood as a very disabled child are all in the blog. I hope it helps to some.

I am married, a Psychologist and such a happy mother. I have been to festivals, dyed my hair green, pink, red, purple, got my belly button pierced, grew up and removed it! Got a tattoo, grew up and now hide it with shame haha. I have had very difficult lonely times as an ill child, years in hospital but I still attended normal education, I have and always had well friends all of whom don't see me as different etc.

Please take a look.

I am a Mumsnet blogger,find me under DisABLEd Parent (look for teddy in a wheelchair holding baby teddy, art done by my hubby also who suffers with youth arthritis).

Or you can reach me on twitter @AbleParents or my blog:

Thank you.

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