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Down's Syndrome Support Gtroup

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SpringBlossom Mon 25-Oct-10 19:12:43

Hi, my son was born last week and we found out several hours later that he has Down's Syndrome. I've been on the DSA website but I'm not clear on how to access a local support group - or to just find mums in West London with babies/young children with DS. Anyone able to help or able to talk to me about their experiences?

Thanks, SB

Effilump Mon 08-Nov-10 14:40:00

Hiya springblossom, my son was also born a few weeks ago and has Down syndrome, All I did to find a local support group was a google search, which found a few different things in my area. Hope this helps if you havnt done it already!

TLR Thu 06-Jan-11 11:42:48

Hi. I just wanted to let you know about an interview I am doing tomorrow on our local hospital radio station.

The lady I am interviewing is the mother of a 13 year old little boy with Downs Syndrome. She is going to be chatting to me about your life and family experiences since he was born. She was particularly overwhelmed by the clinical and sometimes negative info she received concerning her son and his special needs, particularly immediately after his birth.

As a result of this, the lady in question has written a book called 'The Gift', to try and give parents an honest and different perspective on life with a child with Down Syndrome.
You can tune in live tomorrow (Fri 7th Jan 2011) at Radio Horton is also on FaceBook, so you can listen in and ask questions/make comments during the two hour show. Hope we can help.... x

TLR Thu 06-Jan-11 12:03:31

Sorry....forgot to mention the time.....10am -12pm.

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