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Preciousdaisybear Thu 07-Oct-10 09:39:31

I am the mum of a 6yo who still requires nappies. The incontinence service provided pampers up to size 6 then changed him onto Attends which leak, don't fit under jeans and cause horrendous nappy rash.

PAMPERS MAKE A SIZE 7 but only in the US.

I would like to start a petition to send to PAMPERS UK to 'persuade' them to start making these here or start importing them to the UK.

If you hate the 'nappies' your child is now getting please join the fight.

Together we can get better products for our children grin

Lauree Thu 07-Oct-10 22:36:47

hear hear.
Tena also do nappies in larger sizes... they call them 'slips' I think. we got them from the wee clinic, but some chemists will order. would have preferred to buy pampers though!

huggies pyamapants might work. but 50p a pop

pottynursey Fri 18-Mar-11 12:11:44

Unfortunately no manufacturer either in UK or elsewhere make children's nappies above a size 7. According to the manufacturers we spoke to they say there is no demand for them!
We are a national charity ( who provides impartial advice and information on any continence related issue from toilet training to products, equipment and services and would certainly support any request for bigger sized children's products :-)

smileANDwave2000 Thu 26-May-11 18:40:22

lauree is right Tena do slips but id get them from the HV if i were you and use tesco size 6 pull ups which are big in the day or as back up or huggies pullups then theres the huggies nighttime pants i use ds is 11 and they fir him after that they do PJ pants but atm i found they leak

smileANDwave2000 Thu 26-May-11 18:41:48

oh ss i just re read they leak and cause a rash id be demanding they pay for the tena slips for you ive heard pther mums get them via the hv my son only needs them at night now so i just have to pay sad

helpforautism Wed 20-Jul-11 18:13:16

Sorry late replying but my son is 'just hanging on' in the size 6 as I cant stand the other choice. Totally agree with you on the size 7 and would be very happy to get a local petition to me if helpful

echo42 Sat 26-Nov-11 19:20:20

hello my name is len . I'm from the u.s.a. yes we have the new pampers cruisers with the new 3 way-fit size 7. 41+lbs+19kg. and just to let you know that there the exact same size as the pampers cruisers with the new 3 way-fit size 6. 35+lbs+16+kg. the only way I found that out is I tryed them on my special needs child echo and they did not fit him right like I thought they would. so in order for him to use pampers I have to modifi them to fit him right. and he is an in betweener and his size is very hard to find. and he can't use adult products because there just way to big for him to use. I tryed the pampers easy-up's size 6 and the sides split apart and they leak. I tryed the underjams size xl-large same thing the sides split apart and they leak. I'm a member of and Iv'e e-maild pampers for a long time now letting them know about there size are off. and all they say is thank you for letting us know I'm sharing you comments with the rest of your team. but they wont do anything about it. there are lots of special needs children that needs a true size pampers cruiisers size 7. I ask pampers to up grade there pampers to a size of 24"=60.96cm=32"=81.28cm and weigh no more then 85-125lbs that size would work out great. and there are a lot of mums-mothers here that want pampers to make the pampers bigger. nappies/ diapers are very spendy there not cheap. a case of 100 nappies/diapers will run between $45.00 to $50.00 dollars. and the only place that sells pampers cruisers size 7 are. now if you want to buy pampers cruisers size 7 41+19kg. I ask you to match them up with a pampers cruisers size 6 put them together from end to end and you will find that there the same exact size. now I would love to try the libero size 7 on echo but I can't find any place on the web that will ship to the u.s.a. so if any mums/mothers out there that can help me with my special needs child ech please let me know. I'm a on my own. his mum/mother past away.thank you all. god bless. len

maria1976vintage Fri 30-Mar-12 13:45:00

Hi I recieve Libero pull ups size 7 for my daughter throughth nhs continence service they are not perfect but the best I have come across. I had to push very hard to get 5 per 24hours as initially they only wanted to supply 2 ! There is a massive disparity between postcodes and health authorities on when children are entitled to continence products and how many they are offered. I had to fill in forms detailing my daughter's fluid intake and frequency of nappy changes but persistence nearly always wins the day, I know it is also common practice to try and ration continence products for disabled adults which I believe to be demeaning and undignified.

Pampers82 Wed 05-Apr-17 17:22:59

Pampers babydry size 7 now in british supermarkets

Nadoria Tue 30-May-17 08:46:51

I've seen them in Asda Strabane, Northern Ireland.

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