Sen child and interim care order

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Bigblueeyes26 Sun 13-Oct-19 20:10:25

I signed a section 20 on my door step when the social worker came and said she had to rush of and hadn't got time to sit and explain it in full. I trusted her stupidly and regret it. Whilst on this sec 20 they have taken my son for medical care with out my consent, he also tried to take his own life and I wasnt informed for several days.
I couldn't manage my sons autisum and learning difficulties his extremely violent. Whilst on sec 20 I've used my times wisely to start a course on autisum to get a better understanding of how to manage his behaviour.
But and the big but in it all now is that social services want to apply for an interim care order saying that I'm an emotionally abusing my son because I talk about his behaviour with him.
I'm beside my self as we are in court tuesday. I only asked for support no one teaches you how to care for a child with additional needs and they have gone to this.
Please any advice appreciated but please no nasty comments I'm already beside my self

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Beveren Sun 03-Nov-19 12:17:45

Sorry this comes a bit late, but if your child is under 18 I think you're entitled to legal aid automatically. Were you told about that and have you been able to access legal help?

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