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CMS and another baby on the way

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laurie347 Sun 15-Sep-19 09:18:18

Just on here for advice really because I don't think this information is correct. My DH pays over £300 CMS to a woman he had a fling with when 18 which he's not allowed to see (that's another story though) - totally his doing though so no one else to be pointed at. I only work part time and we're not entitled to any benefits or help due to his wage. We already have a DC together and therefore no money for court, mediation, etc. As after all our monthly bills and CMS, we don't have much to play with. I've just found out I'm pregnant again and I'm so so scared as to what's going to happen. He doesn't know yet but when I'm on maternity leave and getting so much less money, I think we're going to struggle so much. Why do CMS not take other children into account? First time round we were told that by CMS that they don't take other children (such as DD that we have together) into account because he doesn't need to pay child maintenance for them considering they live under his roof and I'm more than capable of providing for our DD being the mother and working. AIBU to think that this is incorrect and that our DD and now DC2 on the way should be taken into account?

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laurie347 Sun 15-Sep-19 09:41:52


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Arthur1987 Mon 30-Sep-19 13:36:06

You won't find many sympathetic ears on this forum... If the question was "how do I extract more money out of my ex" , you'd be on the third page of comments by now.

The CMS are legally obliged to count your dependant children, however the discount you get for dependants at home is pretty pathetic.

I'm not entirely sure what formula they use, I think I heard that they disregard the first 11% of your partners income when calculating his CM liability, but that may be wrong.

I've heard of many cases, and in most cases the reduction for dependants at home varies from £5-35 per month.

Which I think is absolutely sickening, considering the amount paid to the Non-resident children.

You are correct in thinking that you effectively get "stung twice" as a "second" family.

You have to 1) Pay CMS (12-20% of his wage) and 2) Lose out on an equal amount of tax credits afforded to "first" families. So you as a second family, and most importantly, yourself and your children are paying out twice... Actually three times if you are both tax payers to begin with.

Unfortunately the CMS think it's okay to throw "second" families into poverty, all whilst throwing vast amounts of money at "first families" or single parents.

The CMS are ideologically opposed to treating "second" families in the way that they do "first" families... Because in their extreme world view, only the parent with the children is entitled to a life, and the Non-resident parent is not entitled to a life... I personally, think it's part of an extremely subversive and dangerous agenda.

I suggest you start running the maths and know well in advance if you can afford to pay the bills in future or not.

I suggest you join the Non-Residency CMS Facebook groups, where you will receive a better listening ear & solid advice.

happyendings1 Wed 29-Jan-20 18:52:20

Your DH needs to inform CMS that he is responsible for the 2 children with you and he should receive a slight discount. £300 per month is an awful lot of money - how much does he earn? The other option is to leave DH and you would receive Child Maintenance for your two children and you'd probably be entitled to some benefits if you work part-time!

TriciaH Thu 18-Jun-20 16:04:38

They do take children in your house into account. The amount should have reduced due to having a child. My ex does not have another child but my understanding is that as soon as he does my child gets less. Even if he was to get with someone new and that person had a child already because they live together it would reduce. Contact them again as I honestly believe you have been given incorrect information.

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