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Divorcing husband who’s trying to financially cripple me

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PistachioQueen Thu 01-Aug-19 13:35:59

I’m currently in the early stages of divorcing my husband who is self employed, making a very good wage but claims he’s earning £40k for tax avoidance purposes. He’s now doing everything he can to financially cripple me, including more than halving the allowance he gave me, refusing to pay our daughter’s private school fees, stopping helping me out with debts I incurred from living in housing association accommodation (while he lived a lavish lifestyle, but that’s another story) and now he’s threatening to take my car which he claims is leased, despite being 4 years old already when he bought it (it was a part exchange car from a dealer, again I don’t know how much of this is true). First he said he wouldn’t pay for the insurance, so I looked at getting this on my own but as the car’s in his name, it was going to be quite costly and I’ve never had a policy in my own name. Then he said he’d move the car into my name and pay the lease payments in cash to me, I don’t believe he would do this as he’s already messed me up on several other financial issues and left me with a pile of debts which I’m struggling to pay. He’s threatened that if I don’t do this, he will take the car back tomorrow when the insurance ends. What are my options? I don’t want to be forced into more debt but I can’t afford a car of my own either. I know people will say I should suck it up and take public transport but I just wanted to know, legally standing, is this my only option, to just return the car and go by bus until I’ve resolved my financial situation? My solicitor doesn’t help much other than telling me to go to mediation.

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