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DLA Mandatory Reconsideration

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Gilbert82 Tue 23-Jul-19 10:22:26

Hi, we have just received a letter to say that DLA has been refused for our child who has Down syndrome. I’m going to request a mandatory reconsideration, just wondered how long we can expect to wait for a decision? (it took 6 weeks from sending the original claim to receiving the refusal letter which I hear is pretty quick!). Thanks

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Richlyfruited Mon 29-Jul-19 14:52:54

That was quick for the initial decision! We waited nearly 5 months to be turned down completely. We'd received DLA since DD was born so a real shock to be rejected outright.

Our mandatory reconsideration only took 3 weeks but they upheld their decision to reject our claim.

Good luck and hope you are successful with yours.

Gilbert82 Mon 29-Jul-19 15:26:45

Thank you. I’m really hoping the additional evidence we sent is enough for them to change their decision and award DLA, it’s such a horrible process sad

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caringcarer Sun 20-Sep-20 14:32:48

Send in as much objective evidence to support your claim as you can, letter from school, pediatrician, any other healthcare professionals like occupational therapist etc.

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