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DLA claim rejected - Mandatory Reconsideration Help!

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aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Wed 22-May-19 17:45:33


My DS is 9 and has been identified as ASD, although awaiting formal diagnosis. Currently on the waiting list for CYPS, SALT and Ed Psych.

I applied for DLA last month, giving all information I had at the time and have had my claim refused based on that he does not need help with personal care for about an hour and mobility rate based on 'you can walk but need guidance or supervision to get around places you don't know well'.

My DS has no social awareness, he's very HF & academically he's very intelligent. He toe-walks, which has caused his leg muscles to tighten over time and has had to have interventions narrowly avoiding the surgery route. He has to have physiotherapy at home every evening, and wears gaiters every evening for an hour, which we have to put on/take off, support him whilst wearing them to do exercises, such as helping him to the stairs to do his heel drops etc. I provided his physiotherapists details to confirm this, on the form. This takes over an hour every evening.

We also have to constantly prompt him to get washed, brush teeth, get dressed, dress appropriately for the weather - he tried to go out in shorts and a tshirt once because the sun was out, except it was 5 degrees and it was February! He has a handwashing obsession and has meltdowns if there are no handwashing facilities, such as if he's been caught short and had to run into a bush whilst exploring a wood for example, and have to carry antibac gel to prevent these meltdowns. He had no social awareness, he's very much like a 5 year old when out and about, we couldn't let him walk home from school like his peers do because he's easily distracted and lacks complete awareness of his surroundings.

I told the DWP all of this, alongside diary sheets, written proof from his SENCO which confirms the information I've given them, all the details that they asked for, I described the worst days we have with him, but they've still refused.

I don't know what to do now. I've got the form for mandatory reconsideration, but I can't tell them anything other than I've already told them - so don't understand what difference it will make.

Has anyone else been in this boat, that could give me some tips for writing the reconsideration? It's hard enough trying to get the right support without fighting authorities as well sad

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aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Wed 22-May-19 17:46:50

ETA: They say he doesn't need help for 'about an hour' not that he actually doesn't. I've given them evidence and timescales showing that it's over an hour.

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KisstheTeapot14 Tue 04-Jun-19 08:51:39

Try skybadger website or cerebra, if I find anything else useful will pop back and let you know. I think they tend to reject on principle so don't give up hope just yet. Bet you if you take further will get a yes x

CookieCheesecake Fri 05-Jul-19 07:49:28

In my experience they decline first time all the time.

My sons was rejected first time at 2 and now he’s on HRC & HRM at 5.

It went declined, then MRC which I was happy with at 2, then at 4 I went for HRC which he got and then as soon he turned 5 I did the forms again and he went HRC & HRM.

You just got to keep trying.

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