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Car dispute

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Lizmum1 Mon 11-Mar-19 10:29:53

In 2015 I took out a car with Volkswagen on lease,

I paid monthly instalments on time up until I went on maternity leave (statutory) and was really struggling to pay the car on top of bigger priorities. I was signed off work and reached out to Volkswagen who initially said that I could voluntarily terminate the lease if any major financial changes occurred. After a struggle to get them to take back the car they agreed and the car was eventually collected. The car was in IMMACULATE condition and I had done 15,000 miles LESS than what I had been paying for.

I then found out I had been put on the complete wrong contract by a trainee dealer who read me through my contract at the time and implied I could return the car without the debt as it was a lease not purchase.

When the car arrived to be collected it was the wrong car (5 doors not 3) so he had made more than one error.

I’ve recently been recieveing contact from Volkswagen stating that I owe £4,500 for this car 2 years on! The car sold for the money It was worth with less miles than I had paid for.

I’m saving for a mortgage but this has affected my credit rating tremendously. (Very poor) blush

Apparently by 2023 which is when I would have my deposit ready this default would have been taken off my credit history weather paid or not. I haven’t recieved a ccj or anything for this issue and I’m wondering weather it’s best to continue saving for a house until 2023 by which time it will be cleared or sacrifice my savings by paying a large monthly sum of the debt and not have any savings by which point this debt will be irrelevant to my credit confused

Any help greatly appreciated

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Order654 Sun 07-Apr-19 09:41:12

You have posted in the special needs section.

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