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Financial order

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clueless19 Tue 26-Feb-19 21:00:52

Can someone advise. My ex has taken me to court for a financial order. We divorced last year and we have two children, twins aged 16,. He is 68 and I am 40. He has always been self employed and now all of a sudden is claiming benefits council tax housing benefit and paying 50 per week for both. We have the family home which is mortgage free and I have a rental property which my mother lives in and I get rent from this. He is claiming half of both properties and contributing nothing. I offered him 100,000 and he refused because my children are going thru their GCSEs and I wanted him off our backs so it would we could move in with our lives and the children could focus in their futures. I know he wants to do this right now even tho the kids are in the middle of their GCSEs and doesn’t want to wait for a payout.I hold down two jobs and pay for everything. Today my barrister said I have a strong case of staying in the family home until twins have finished their education. I gave the court an appraisal of what both properties are worth they want formal valuations. I have never experienced this and I’m at a loss as most if it has been going over my head. Even what the solicitors say half the time I dont know what to do for the best xxx

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