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Tax Credits suddenly stopped due to misinformed 'claim' for UC - left an autistic family with third drop in income

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BonstanceBarroll Wed 13-Feb-19 16:34:47

I am in bits - ASD and was, post diagnosis, advised to try for eligibility to any extra help. Used entitled2 calculator but was directed towards trying to start a claim for UC, ESA and/or PIP in order to reveal actual eligibility. At no point was I advised that it would stop our family WTC, which includes disability element for little boy. The attitude of HMRC is 'tough' it was all changing at some point, you will never get it reinstated even if your MP involved. The attitude of DWP? Contradictory, try for UC, oh no, don't as you are a student, try ESA oh no don't as you are fit for work...try UC as a couple as you HAVE to anyway, it's all changing. LIES. We didn't have to change now, we would've been migrated over. I feel utterly bereft and blamed - we have lost a third of our household income. CAB trying to help but overall the tone is 'nothing can be done'. So we have lost our WTC due to being misguided and we are not eligible for WTC due to my student loan. I feel utterly ill and depressed, and angry. I blame DWP and the Job Centre as I told them our circumstances, autism, husband FT, tax credits and they were adamant we had to go over onto UC anyway and would be no worse off. All charities and advisory organisations seem nonplussed on how to help as they haven;t dealt with a case like ours. HMRC state that mandatory reconsideration is pointless as we have made ourselves ineligible due to starting a UC claim - a claim that was only in early stages of checks, and we were told early on we wouldn't get it due to my loan, and yet at this point it had already triggered the end of WTC. UC claim now closed, we could do no more - we have nothing other than low rate DLA for my son. We are all autistic and feel terribly discriminated against. Husband slogs FT even though Occ Health advised he take early retirement. Stress of this has triggered bad episode of illness. I feel deeply depressed, cannot concentrate and on verge of jacking in studies and relating voluntary role. No-one seems to give a shit. How is this possible, how is this fair? Can anyone point us to some legal support/advice? CAB say that WTC CAN be reinstated with appeal, HMRC advisor says impossible. Who is right?

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