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Change of circumstances dla

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spinabifidamom Sun 10-Feb-19 08:39:27

DD and DS get HRM/MRC. They both have physical disabilities. I would strongly recommend seeing if it is possible to request a change of rates explaining why. Say that the seizures has increased and that he is in danger of hurting himself since he sleep walks.
When I had to fill out the forms, I ended up giving a lot of detail. I even included some information on DD's ear infections and why DS has paralysis too. Additionally, I used the form to tell them about DS's bladder and bowel issues.
Here is a useful guide to the forms- file:///C:/Users/Tharini/Downloads/dla-guide-aug18-low-res.pdf

DJSEXEY Mon 04-Feb-19 09:32:56

Hi, my son currently receives middle rate care and low mobility.
He has epilepsy and asd.
Over the past year my son's needs have increased, he is now diagnosed as drug resistant epilepsy so medication doesn't work to control his seizures, he has possible adhd also but the paeditrician doesn't believe that he will be able to do the tests to diagnose this due to his seizures and the fact that he is behind at school.
We also now have a wheelchair as my son cannot walk far due to hypermobility in his lower half of his body and for when he has a seizure as he cannot physically walk when he has one (which is daily).
We also now have an EHCP and he will be going to a specialised school as he isn't coping in a mainstream school and needs a lot of adult support and supervision (after a seizure he can sleep in school for up to 2 hours so a member of staff has to constantly watch him).
Also since we were awarded dla for him my son's nocturnal seizures have increased and so he sleep walks and loses control of his bladder every night so I am up throughout the night with him and checking on him as he is at risk of SUDEP.
I am after some advice of whether I should ask for a change of circumstances to have his care increased to high rate and whether he would receive this. Any advice would be grateful
Thank you

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