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DLA changes??

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kj90 Tue 22-Jan-19 09:47:39

Hi all- just wondering if someone can answer my questions... my son is diagnosed ASD at the high functioning end of the scale, we are also awaiting assessment for ADHD. His behaviour is becoming increasingly harder to manage, we began school in August full time mainstream, then moved to shared placement with provision a couple months later- now this week we have started basically full time provision with only one morning mainstream due to his anxiety and frequently going into “crisis” in a split second. This has led to him causing injuries and destruction of property. Is this the kind of thing I need to let DLA know? We currently have an award but I’m wondering if we could be awarded more- I took 10months off from work when we were going through ASD diagnosis process with the view I’d return when school began...unfortunately I’m unable to seek employment due to husbands shift patterns, lack of available childcare and being unable to work during school hours as I’m being called into school numerous times a week....we are now beginning to feel the strain on finances and it’s making things even more stressful?

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April2020mom Wed 23-Jan-19 19:51:45

Yes. I described my son’s bowel and bladder issues. I also gave them a lot of information on Spina Bifida and dwarfism (this is what my daughter has). I explained that we see a lot of doctors and therapists. If I had not applied for DLA I would also have felt the stinging effect of money constantly disappearing out of my door. My son’s urologist told me about DLA. Don’t hold back any relevant information.
Try telling them that. What rates do you currently get? We receive high rate mobility (the need is pressing) and middle rate care.

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