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DLA and moving to PIP

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BatshitCrazyWoman Sat 12-Jan-19 18:05:28

My adult son gets DLA. He doesn't live with me he is in residential care about 40 minutes drive away (relevant). I'm his appointee and have been dealing with his benefits for nearly 25 years. I visited him today and staff handed me a letter from the DWP about changing over to PIP. I have to call them by 15 January (Tuesday) to tell them we want to apply for PIP and my son has to be with me when I call.

I work full time and so he won't be with me when I call on Monday. I work full time in central London and between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm I am on a train or at work. Son is miles away at his care placement.

Is this going to be an issue? I can't take annual leave without about a week's notice. I'm annoyed the letter was sent to my son at his placement when all other letters concerning benefits are sent to me at home. The letter is dated 2 January and staff say it arrived sometime last week.

I plan to ring them but am worried because he won't be with me. He wouldn't speak to a stranger on the phone even if he was mind you, nor would he be able to answer any questions ....confused

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