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As2162 Sat 05-Jan-19 12:40:09


Really hoping someone can help.

We may be jumping the gun here, but we had a tribunal hearing yesterday. We turned up to be asked by the judge, had we sent this in, which was a memory stick. We’d sent a video but the clerks in Birmingham said we must send in a thumb drive or disk which we did. We were told they had no facilities to play this and told we should adjourn three times.

How could we? I work full time and took a day off for this. We were devestated as the video showed how our girl is, but after waiting over a year we felt we couldn’t push it back further.

They then probed, rewording the same questions again and again. At one stage we were asked when discussing the dangers of our child being by a road basically there’s no danger if we’re stopping them and could we not see what happened if we let her get near the road.

Finally we were told the child gets no help in school despite us sending in evidence to the contrary. Which we then had to read out.

We felt destroyed as the evidence was submitted and they seemed to either ignore it or have never got it.

The impression we got from the judge was they weren’t prepared at all and that was why they wanted it adjourned.

We just feel we will get nothing from them. They’re posting the verdict.

If we left yesterday feeling they handled all the evidence fine, then we’d be happy. We feel though the judge especially didn’t want to do the appeal and was woefully unprepared.

What do we do if they reject the appeal?

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SaturdayNext Tue 08-Jan-19 01:07:50

What were you appealing against?

You may have a right to appeal further, but only on a point of law. You would really need to get a lawyer to look at the decision and draft appeal grounds. SOS SEN have a lawyer who does this, and I think IPSEA may do it also.

Strix Wed 30-Jan-19 17:15:50

Agree with SaturdayNext. Get advice from an education solicitor. Contact IPSEA for advice. Maybe they can recommend one. But, if not, they are a great wealth of knowledge and advice.

Perhaps post a thread giving your general area and asking MNers for a recommendation.

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