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Can we get any support for long term surgery?

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PetticoatLaine Sun 25-Nov-18 09:30:31


PetticoatLaine Sat 24-Nov-18 14:29:53

Hi everyone,
Next summer my dc will finish A levels and then start a year of surgery for a congenital condition (spinal condition) in time to recover and start Uni the following year.
She turns 18 in July.
During this year she will be partially mobile, will have several hospital stays will need t use a wheelchair and will need some help with everyday living. But it is not a permanent disability as such. And I do not think reaches DLA / PIP threshold.

Can she claim any benefits at all? Will not be fit for work, obviously, and will have to live at home. CB will have stopped.

I will have to cut my working hours, or may have been made redundant by then. There will be lots of expenses: my car for regular hospital appointments , or if I can't afford to keep the car, taxis. Keeping the heating on all day which we don't normally do as we are out. Feeding a teen with no CB coming in.

I'm quite frightened as I don't think we will be entitled to any financial help. Is there something I have missed?

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