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Jshrsmummy Wed 13-Jun-18 10:12:43

Hi all I'm new here and really need some advice bear with me this might be a long one.
My 7 yr old ds was diagnosed with ADD at 6. We were told to try claiming dla. I never did until recently when he had an abc movement battery assessment (if I've remember that correctly)
He's scored significant movement issues requiring intervention and is currently attending occupational therapy for this.
So I though right I'll try applying as that's another issue he's struggling with.
I took my time filling the former out sent evidence from adhd clinic appointments and a copy of his movement assessment.
His add is quite bad, he needs constant reminders for everyday tasks, somtimes prompting up to 3 or 4 times to do somthing (example get socks from room)
As he gets distracted along the way.
Emotionally he needs a lot of support, he's gets extremely anxious about things for example he's started getting upset about going on holiday in case his younger sister drowns. He often has meltdowns when he feels he can't do somthing and says he wishes he was someone else and he hates himself.
He gets overwhelmed in large crowds and is very sensitive to noise (sits with hands over ears on buses and needs prior warning when hoover goes on)
At school he cannot concentrate for longer then 5 minutes at a time needs constant reassurance and prompting to stay on task. Needs help organising his things. Tasks need to be adjusted to fit him. Needs supervision moving between classes as has previously wandered off and had school frantically searching for him.

He can't use cutlery correctly and finger feeds or just chases runny food his plate.
He needs help washing and bottom wiping.
He needs help dressing.
He needs prompting to drink or he will forget to.
He struggles to settle at night and can easily still be awake at 12 on a school night.
He can't play out unsupervised as he has no road sense and could wander.
He needs supervision with his younger sister as he gets too full on with her, trying to cuddle kiss her pull her onto his lap and just generally getting in her face.

I could add loads more but I dread to think how long this post is already.
Anyway his application has been refused and I now can go for a reconsideration?
I just don't know what to do.
Yes my son has additional needs but is it enough to warrant dla? Would I be wasting my time going for a reconsideration?
Any advice would be much appreciated I feel in over my head with all this.

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BingTheButterflySlayer Sat 30-Jun-18 10:24:43

I've just done a long-shot (I'm expecting it to get rejected but you never know if you don't try) application for my daughter who has similar difficulties (quite severe dyspraxia, verbal dyspraxia, sensory and continence difficulties). When I started unpicking everything extra we have to supervise or prompt in terms of her sibling it came to quite a lot - so yep, feck it, I put the form in and applied.

I'd go for the reconsideration - you have very little to lose and quite a lot of people seem to succeed after initially being turned down from what I've seen.

rachelb1608 Mon 12-Nov-18 23:54:37

Did you ever get sorted with this? Im going through appeal for my 8yo diagnosed adhd and autism, it seems they arent clued in as to what is normal for children of these ages alot of people i know are refused and win at appeal x

Electrascoffee Tue 13-Nov-18 00:06:08

Definitely appeal. If anyone wants to look at my blog - pm me. I wrote an article on how to successfully get DLA & what words and phrases they look for.

April2020mom Tue 13-Nov-18 16:14:58

I just finished filling out the form yesterday and posted it. On the form I gave them a lot of information on my son. My son’s disability is different but I applied anyway. Go for a mandatory reconsideration immediately. I wish I had more advice but I’m not a ADHD expert. You have enough information.

spinabifidamom Sat 24-Nov-18 23:37:21

Any update OP?

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