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Only doing reception class part time...

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Damonlufc88 Tue 04-Apr-17 09:05:44

My oldest son is 5 in July and Really struggled to settle in and understand school. He has only been on 1/2 days since the very first day. We're currently undergoing paperwork/meetings to get him into a specialist school but probably not until September 2017, although this has been ongoing since October 2016 we are finally seeing progress on that front.

My question is it's mentally draining me and my wife + we have a 2 year old at home. It's hard with a 'normal' child at home but our oldest has had autism mentioned, although not diagnosed. I work full time and my wife 20 hours a week, what are we actually entitled too? Not primarily financially but support wise??? His current school, which I agree with don't think he can manage full days, he's definitely not independent enough to get his own lunch or sit with his class, he flits around alot, sometimes pushy at playtime, not malicious but he has very basic language and it's not clear sometime what he is saying.

Sorry for a long post but the days seem to be getting tougher. I try my best when he is at home but my 2 year old needs attention too and I can't give my oldest the 1:1 he needs but my youngest, when I try to involve him is too young to understand

JigglyTuff Tue 04-Apr-17 09:15:40

Have a look in your local council pages - there will be something called the Local Offer which details all the services/facilities available where you are.

Will the school support you in applying for an ECHP and DLA?

Damonlufc88 Tue 04-Apr-17 09:25:43

We have had alot of help with with the school to get him a EHC Plan, I'm actually signing off on the final copy this week. It's just been a long 7 month process so far & the specialist school is aware of what we want it's just a case of getting the paperwork finished up now.

Not too sure what a DLA is abbreviation means.

I think the school seems to think it's been easier for us than it actually has at home

enterthedragon Fri 07-Apr-17 08:31:34

DLA = Disability Living Allowance, you can claim it even without a diagnosis as it is based on needs not diagnosis.

Damonlufc88 Fri 07-Apr-17 09:11:35

Pretty annoyed I've just found out about this to be honest. I've rang up to apply now.. Would my son still be entitled if he was to start attending special school full time? can anybody get me a link to entitlements and such please?

JigglyTuff Fri 07-Apr-17 09:55:12

Why are you annoyed? When you have a child with a disability, you have to do a lot of legwork unfortunately. As I said in my earlier post, have a look on your local LEA website for your local offer. There will be support groups local to you and there should be a parent partnership - they will know what additional services and support you can access because the provision varies wildly from county to county.

DLA is awarded in recognition of the extra costs related to the child's disability. There are two components - care and mobility. It doesn't matter where your child is in school. What you are awarded is based on the additional care your child needs in relation to their peers. It's harder to get for younger children as they all require a good deal of supervision. The form is about 40 pages long and takes a very long time to complete.

The Cerebra website has a guide to help you. You might find it useful to start jotting down a list of stuff now (the Cerebra guide includes all the questions) so that you can just transfer them to the form when it arrives. You can fill it in electronically too.

DLA is a gateway benefit - once you receive that, you can get access to additional tax credits, carers allowance and council tax reductions. These latter benefits are means-tested whereas DLA isn't.

Hope that's helpful smile

Damonlufc88 Fri 07-Apr-17 10:34:46

I'm only annoyed I wasn't made aware, or missed that DLA was such a thing. I'm not annoyed at applying, either way of the outcome of the application. Hopefully his final EHC Plan comes through after half team. I signed yesterday

enterthedragon Sat 08-Apr-17 23:34:07

Good luck with the DLA form, even if you don't get anything this time you can re apply.

Parent partnership is now called SENDIASS, you should be able to find their details on your LA local offer website.

IPSEA or SOS!SEN are both great websites for information and advice, both have helplines.

You're not alone in thinking that schools believe it is easier than it actually is at home.

enterthedragon Sat 08-Apr-17 23:37:29

Why is your son only doing half days at school?

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