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Legal advice concerning anti social behaviour and negative health effects..

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Urbanunreal Thu 30-Mar-17 18:58:14

So I'm not a mum, I'm a dad, I've live in my current property for over 10 years with my partner and 12 year old autistic son. We've been trying to get a move for years and about 4 years ago we had a family move in next door. She lives on my floor as we live in a tower block.

Ever since they moved in there's been a police presence or some sort of ASB frequently. The girl herself isn't the problem but her family members are extremely violent chavs. They stand in the communal area of the block talking about knocking people out or things that most people would generally find offensive. It's intimidating and loud, though it isn't directed at me it disturbs the peace.

The problem I'm having is that I can't call the police or report it to the housing association because both of them require evidence in order for them to do anything. My landlord has offered to approach them but I've refused, because I'm worried about extremely violent reprisals from the neighbours family. The guy I mentioned earlier went to prison and recently just got out, I know he knows lots of people like drug dealers and other violent people. So even if he were to be told to leave my block me and my family could still be attacked. If not him then one of his friends, who frequently also hang around outside my door. Unfortunately for me they seen to know and get along with many others in my block, which is why it wouldn't take a genius to work out whose reported them.

This is having a really really bad effect on my health because I feel trapped. As I said I've lived here for 10 years, I've bidded on every property, every week for the past 6 years. I've got nowhere with the council, as they seem to think I'm not a priority and that our accommodation is suitable.

If I try to apply for priority banding I'm required to have a mountain of evidence which I simply do not have. There's no cameras on my floor and I'm not recording people because I don't think I can use that as evidence anyway, plus it makes me feel like I'm snooping which I don't want to spend my time doing.

Obviously all this by extention is effecting my ability to function properly as a dad. I can't leave my flat if they're standing outside my door. I suffer from anxiety as it is and this all just makes it worse. I can't even go out and do anything with my son.

Even if I were to send what I've just written to the council they still won't change my banding, even my sons school has shown concern and he's due to be assessed again soon and have mentioned they don't think our block is a safe environment.

It annoys me how I've tried the council, my housing association, even the shadow Chancellor AND the special needs overseer of my local Ward.

Yet somehow, all these girls having kids are being moved into new/old 2 bedroomed house as their FIRST property, my flat is so small my kitchen is literally 2x2m each way.

It sounds like I'm moaning, but after 10 years of bullshit I'm just about done. There is no way the above situation can be resolved. I don't even get along with anyone in my local area either. We need to be moved out of this situation before it destroys us. As hyperbolic as that sounds I can't really stress this situation anymore.

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