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Pip entitlement

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Howes68 Sun 04-Sep-16 18:25:01

Hello , my daughter has been given pip , she will be starting College next week , I have been told that if you claim pip you can get help with some things , I am trying to find out if she would be titled to free bus pass and this is how she will be getting to College, for me to get a years bus pass will cost £350 pounds , doesn't sound a lot but being a single parent it is to me ,can anyone please advise me on what help I can get

fraggle84 Thu 22-Sep-16 15:00:07

Look at your local council website, I have a free bus pass

MummyBtothree Sat 24-Sep-16 16:12:16

Have a look at your local council website under travel or ring them. She will be entitled to free travel by buss and will get a bus pass, similar to those given to you when you reach pension age. My niece gets PIP and shes got a bus pass entitling her to free travel on the local buses, she goes all over and it saves her an absolute fortune. Im not sure if PIP entitles you to extra help with your council tax as well. Worth checking. If you ring citizens advice they will tell you exactly what you and your daughter are entitled to.

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