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Tribunal for EHCP advice

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JulietVerona Mon 22-Aug-16 11:28:05

I've just received the mediation certificate and have lodged an appeal as my DS(5) has been turned down for an EHCP, the reason given was because he'd made progress over the school year, although it was minuscule. It says he has developed from the mental age of a 2 year old to a 3 year old in numeracy and to a 2 1/2 year old in numeracy.

I've been told that a tribunal will be in front of a panel of legal experts and I'm so nervous, even though it's likely months away.

Should I hire a solicitor? Can anyone recommend one, we live in West London

Can I represent myself as financially, we really can't afford a solicitor or would that be an awful idea.

What should I bring with me, I was thinking of letters from his teacher, 1-1, OT and swimming teacher. What else do I need?

He has no awareness of safety. His school really struggles with him, they've already said that for the first term this year he'll start on a limited schedule 9am-11 and then after the October half term, they'll add on hours until he's full time, last year he wasn't full time until January, I don't know how what to do as they say it's for DS benefit as he really struggles to settle after being away from school.

BuffySENsational Mon 22-Aug-16 11:52:52

IPSEA Tribunal line re-opens on 1 September I can't link to phone but it's on their website. You may be better posting this on the SN chat board as more traffic. Also look up Education Equality online they provide a means tested fee from £16-£75 per hour and SOSSEN are open again on 5 Sep they should all be able to advise - good luck xxx

AnitaChopraMatch Wed 24-Aug-16 16:25:04

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

cansu Mon 29-Aug-16 08:21:47

You can do it yourself if needs be. I would try Ipsea for help. They had someone help me and she also came with me to hearing. If you can afford representative look at Fiona Slomovic. She is an advocate rather than solicitor so is less expensive but is v good. Fees are on her website.

enterthedragon Tue 13-Sep-16 07:48:07

Your child is 5 yrs old and is entitled to a full-time education, if you don't want him on a part time timetable then don't accept it. You don't have to. If the school cannot cope with him full-time then they clearly cannot meet his needs. I would be inclined to talk to the inclusion team at your LA.

JudyCoolibar Thu 15-Sep-16 11:05:19

If you're in West London, I'd strongly recommend going to one of SOS SEN's advice centres - they also run workshops on tribunal appeals amongst other things.

The part time education situation is totally illegal and I believe SOS can help with that also.

JudyCoolibar Thu 15-Sep-16 11:07:15

It could well be that if you tell the school you've realised your son has to be in school full time and you therefore won't be collecting him till the end of the day, they will help you in putting pressure on the LA to agree to an EHCP so that they can fund extra help for him.

AcademicOwl Tue 05-Sep-17 03:54:38

Hi there. We're in a similar situation; my DS is 7 and we're going to tribunal for refusal to assess for EHCP.
Because of the timescale over the holidays we've not been able to organise legal help. I'm quite anxious about it... and I just don't "get" why the roadblocks to even assessing are put in place. None of it makes sense. Anyways. Placemarking, but also wanting to provide moral support/offer to discuss a bit more 😊

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