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Benifits & fraud

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lauraann137 Wed 24-Feb-16 03:16:31

Hello, I really need some help/advise as I have a bad feeling about this and do not know what to do. Going to try and cut along story short, I was with my kids dad for 6 years he was always dodgy dealing, hiding money, buying property in the kids name ect when I left him 3 years ago I thought I'd left all that as well, me and my current partner have a joint claim together on benifits and received a phone call before Christmas someone from benifit department claiming that they have evidence that I have two bank accounts one with substantial amount of money going through, well to my knowledge this is not true he asked for my bank details over the phone and I refused as I didn't trust who he was I hung up and never heard anything until this week when I received a letter saying I've got to go in for a interview, I have no idea what there talking about with this money, trust me if I had "substantial " money I wouldn't be living in a shit hole and catching buses. I'm really worried as my ex had access to my bank when we was together and if he has done something without my knowledge can I still be charged with fraud ? I'm freaking out I can't go to jail I have two young children and me and my partner already have alot going on and this will break us. Please can someone help/advise my bank confirms I only have one account

shellsbeauty1 Mon 18-Apr-16 22:09:25

I don't have much in the way of help but I would say in my opinion (I have some legal training) it is unlikely if it is a first offence and you have young children that you would receive a custodial sentence if found guilty. Hopefully it won't come to that and you will some how be able to show the powers at be that you haven't done anything.. Just be open, honest, helpful. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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