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help with SN grandson

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lynbrown Tue 26-Jan-16 10:53:37

Our GS is 5.6 and is autistic. He cannot speak more than a few words but appears to understand most of what we say, He often goes into his own world and just ignores us. My son and DIL are touchy about him and we cannot get much information from them. GS is also incontinent. He attends same school as his big sister and is a happy wee boy. It is becoming a struggle to get care for the children during school holidays. We are too old to do the long summer break but do help out where we can. I would like my DIL to stop working but they say they need the money. Are there any benefits they could claim that would help to fill the gap?

Sarahrellyboo1987 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:53:09

She could possibly be entitled to caters allowance but it wally does depend on your sons finances.
Understanding other people but not being able to verbally communicate is very common. There is a resource calls PECs whereby he would hand you a picture and ask for what he wants. For example "I want drink". As he gets more abled he could work on "I want red drunk mummy" etc.
There also an app called proloquo2go that does the same thing as PECs.
Amazing resource and gives a great ability to communicate

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