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Independent Schools and child exclusion

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EnchantedForest Sun 18-Oct-15 01:06:21

Just wondered if anyone had come across this situation. DC attends an mainstream Independent School and has a Statement. The 1:1 appointed by the school does not have the experience to support DC's needs and this is a requirement in the Statement.
DC as a result of not receiving the right support has fallen behind at school and the school want DC to repeat an academic year.
We have asked the head to replace the 1:1 with someone who does have the training as set out in the Statement, but the head refused. The head is insisting that we pay for the 1:1 to be trained at the same time as saying the 1:1 is suitably qualified.

We therefore gave a term's notice as the head advised us that DC need's to repeat an academic year. This is as a result of not receiving the right support and now it is difficult to find a suitable school at short notice as DC needs to catch up, with the right support in place.

DC may not have a school to go to at the end of term. Does anyone know if the school can ask DC to leave in this situation? Presumably if a term's notice is given, despite the reason being as a result of the 1:1, DC will have to leave.
Presumably we would lose the provision in the Statement if we are forced to home school, why we try and find a school of choice.
The school is not named in the Statement.

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