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Social Services ... argh!

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Rowenya91 Thu 09-Jul-15 19:44:19

OK so before I had my gorgeous son, I self-referred to SS (social services) because my partner was being emotionally abusive. I thought he'd continue it after my son was born. How wrong was I!!! Our little boy came into the world almost a month ago and he was a totally different person - and still is. He's loving, caring, attentive and an excellent father.

Sadly, the hospital felt it right to refer me to SS as well for "neglect" because I couldn't breastfeed so had to change to bottle feeding. 1 accidentally unsterilised bottle and 1 'too hot' bottle later ... well here we are.

Now we are being subjected to SS in a lot of glory. Thankfully my little boy is in our care during the day, but he stays with my mother-in-law at night and has done for almost 2 weeks. Now the other 3 grandparents are being involved to come up with another arrangement to enable my mother-in-law to have some semblance of a life.

What gets me is that they're banging on about my Asperger's Syndrome. All they tell me to do is "look into it" and refuse to give me any clear direction on how I'm supposed to speed up the process and get my son back 24/7 in our care. My partner has been told he needs to open up more, which is cool, but not me. I've no idea what to do, or how long this will take. Not even "this might be a few months" or "maybe a year".

I do have a great solicitor but I was wondering if the SN community could help out. Anyone else with SN had this experience or similar with SS? Did the kid/kids get taken away? I'm just so worried that they'll take my son and then I'll have lost everything.

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