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Renewal has been awarded as LOWER RATE - HELP!

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Mouseface Thu 11-Jun-15 17:24:01


Our son has various serious SN/LD but the area that the have awarded him LR DLA is Mobility, where previously, it's always been highest. We are in pieces.

I am in pieces because it's as if they've not bothered to read the form, listened to me crying on the phone about how his friends run off to play and he can't keep up with them. How he has to stop to rest when playing any kind of physical games etc,

How his back hurts due to Scoliosis, with fused vertebrae, his legs ache and feet too, the shoes he wears are specially made, as are the moulds for them.....

I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible as I'm in tears again, we're losing £240. per month sad and up against the clock........

We've already confronted the decision and asked for them to look at it again and they've stayed with the lower rate because according to the school, he doesn't need support all of the time, can mobilise himself, do PE and is able to walk.

The DLA's (for under 16s) criteria to get the HRMob component is that the child is barely able to walk, is virtually blind or has mental health issues.

1) - he is only 98cm tall and the smallest in his class, his shoulders protrude from his back, the left more than the right and his neck is much shorter because of th Scoliosis and fused vertebrae.

2) - he wears Piedro Boots, with special moulds inside because he feet are disfigured, he rolls his heels from side to side and stopms, rather than walks. He is flat footed and his heels are a strange shape, like a u but with more of a v on the inner side.

3) - he can't keep up with his peers when playing in the playground, so running is something that tires him easily as he has a heart condition and also scoliosis, with asymmetrical shoulder blades.

4) - he has a wheelchair that was made for him, a Snazzi, with hip supports that ensure he sits at 90 degrees. Plus a 3 point harness and lap straps for getting to and from school, and around when out.

5) - he can walk slowly up to 200 meters. But this varies and because I put that on this form, as I did the last, they're using it as ammo against our claim, as per what they say above.

6) - I now have a 'Your Mandatory Reconsideration Notice' and I've got to try and find an appeal form online but I'm struggling to see which one it is - does anyone know.

It's not just the money, it's the principle. They made me fill out all about his conditions, feet, legs, back etc and then tell me what the actual criteria was.

I'm in pieces. I've emailed a friend who may be able to help, but I think we're screwed. I want to video him and send it to them to watch how he struggles to walk.

His 1 - 1 refused to fill in the part about someone who knows him, and passed it onto senco. She said - "DS is supported during pe, can self mobilise and without any support."

He has a 30hour statement in place, so why is he being left alone to do these things. Everyone who watches him try to run can see he runs with his arms flapping at his side, stomping his feet, his shoes are worn on one side too, he's unable to get up from falling most of the time as his back hurts.

It's as if they've ignored everything and just used the box they wanted to tick. Why have a wheelchair? Orthotic appointments for special shoes and moulds? Consultants for his spine? Why is he in pain? Why do they ignore all of this but ask?

Does anyone know if I should take this further to tribunal or not and which for I need please?

Is there anyone out there who can help?

Mouse xxx

PS - sorry for waffling on blush

CozyLinusBlanket Wed 13-Jan-16 18:04:30

Sorry that you didn't get any replies here. I think the SN section could do with fewer categories tbh, so all us SEN parents could be see more. I do hope things worked out.

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