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DLA..not sure I should have applied for it

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daisyswirl Mon 16-Mar-15 17:24:59

Hello..i've applied for DLA for my 11year old daughter. She is currently being assessed by Camhs but doesn't have an official diagnosis yet but needs a lot of help and support especially personal care. She was assessed in school last week and will be having an Ados exam soon as well ( not sure what that is though!). Anyway I was advised to fill the form in which I did and sent it off last a text today saying they have received it and would keep me updated but could take up to 8 weeks. Is this quick? Will they just reject it because she hasn't been given a diagnosis? It took me hours to fill in and was quite upsetting when I actually saw in black and white all the support and help I have to give her. I just feel maybe it was all a waste of time.

fairgame Mon 16-Mar-15 19:42:20

DLA is based on need and not diagnosis. DS got DLA before he was diagnosed. The forms are hell to fill in and leave you feeling emotionally drained but if you are giving DD more care and supervision than a typical 11yo then of course you should apply. ADOS is usually an assessment for autism. Make sure that they are explaining things properly to you so that you understand what they are assessing her for then at least you won't be caught off guard. DLA claims usually take less than 8 weeks atm, some people have had theirs back in 2 weeks! good luck flowers

daisyswirl Mon 16-Mar-15 20:20:08

Thankyou for replying. It has been a bit rough lately. My daughter is lovely very bright but really struggles with some things. Physically she is like a 14 year old..emotionally and socially she is about 6. It was only as she was getting older that i noticed things were a bit off..she seemed to regress. Apparantly girls with autism can present later especially towards puberty but i just thought it was a phase or playacting. It can be quite upsetting especially when i see her with her peers. I hope she gets awarded dla as it would help with special swimming lessons and new clothes (especially underwear..we have soilung issues but she tries to hide it so i end up throwing them away). I will try and find out more about the ados exam.

TheFlyingFauxPas Tue 24-Mar-15 15:56:22

DLA can not usually be backdated. Ds is 12. I thought we wouldn't qualify. I was advised by other parents we might. Diagnosis nearly 2 years ago. I started filling in the form LAST JULY!! Done online so no record of my original contact. Finally sent in form Last WEEK and heard within a matter of days. Middle care and lower mob awarded which I never expected. I'm pleased we are entitled to this help but kind of kicking myself we didn't do it early!!

So imo yes you should have applied and if it's awarded it can be backdated to when you first contacted them. Don't be like me! xxx

daisyswirl Sat 28-Mar-15 18:43:58

Just a quick daughter was awarded middle rate care and low rate mobility. I received the award letter only 10 days after I posted it..really surprised at how quick it was!

Bursarymum Fri 08-May-15 22:26:20

Well done, it's very tough smile

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