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DLA marked as "urgent"

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incognitonicknamethingy Thu 12-Feb-15 16:11:24

Dear all,

I recently reapplied for DLA for DS, 3, who is also being assessed for autism, and who wakes typically 5-10 times per night. Our previous application is being heard at tribunal next month, but his daytime care needs have increased anyway, hence reapplying.

They received the application 10 weeks ago, but didn't bother to send confirmation. I only know they received it because I telephoned. After 10 weeks of hearing nothing I called again today to chase it up, and my application has now been passed on to a decision-maker marked "urgent".

I wondered if any other mums had similar experiences, and if so, what "urgent" means to the DWP. I'm tempted to start a sweepstake as to how long it will take - days, weeks, or the usual months of limbo.

How have others got on?


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