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Subject to interpretation - is this 'perception' or fact?

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HisMum4 Mon 24-Feb-14 18:04:44

DS has Aspergers, ADHD and a statement of special need with 100% 1:1 support. He used to have a scribe in Maths class but this has been removed to promote 'independence'. While this is a good aim, in practice the transition backfired as DS reacted very badly to change, became anxious, defiant and started sabotaging the change. But mostly, he say he cannot both listen and make notes, and for this reason, and also because of ADHD and AS, doesn't do all the work in class(#). He does it at home though, but often forgets, or can hand it in homework late. He is inconsistent in all subjects, but his grades are good - a mix of A and A*. So this work in class and homework inconsistency did not have effect on results so far.

The 6 for entry criteria require an A* in maths GCSE. In mosck exams DS scored an A in Maths and was very few points short of A* due to careless mistakes which I seen and attribute entirely to extreme panic and anxiety- he was even pushing the wrong buttons on the calculator. So basically the expectation is DS will get the A* is maths. Assuming he will get that A*, he should be admitted to further Maths.

However, the school seem to refuse admission based on the following opinion:

...we feel DS could cope with the standard A Level if his organisation and level of independent working showed improvement. DS would have to keep up with different modules and teachers as well as having a lesson every day which would need some consolidation before the next lesson. Currently DS works at an acceptable level (see # above) about 1 lesson out of 3 per week and rarely gives the correct homework in – this would need to improve greatly if he were to cope with A Level. For these reasons we feel Further Maths would not be a suitable option; the students have to juggle multiple modules which build on each other. We believe that DS would be unable to sustain the level of time management and independent study and so would very quickly fall behind"

The Admission Code 2010, Section 1.44 states that ‘...Entry must not be dependent on attendance, behaviour record, or perceptions of attitude or motivation.’

Question: is the rationale from school a 'perception of attitude or motivation' and therefore should not be taken into account?

If submission of homework and work in class were monitored at school as 'Attitude to learning' and @Meeting the deadlines', and recorded on the scale from 1 to 4, would this constitute an objective fact, or remain a perceptions of attitude or motivation?

I believe it would be perception, because the link between behaviour in class, homework and the attitude to learning of disabled DS is nothing but an extrapolation of assumptions and perceptions made about normal students. In case of DS, there is no link between homework, behaviour and exam results.

Sorry long...

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