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Help needed for proposed statement

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philomena15 Fri 14-Feb-14 00:25:38


We got proposed statement for my son. The Educational Psychologist was well aware of the on-going ABA home program and also she incorporated it in my son’s IEP program in the Nursery but she did not recommend ABA to the LA in her report during our son’s statuary assessment process.
Our LA did not mention any single word about ABA in the proposed statement in part 3. They have mentioned that my son is on ABA program from May '13 and doing significant progress in the initial intro paragraph of part 2 of the statement. They did not even provide one to one support even though my son is diagnosed with ASD along with associated learning difficulties. Though my son is having lots of difficulties in learning, report talks more about his good progress but did not mention it is because of ABA. No support on OT and Speech therapy.
We are very much depressed on the proposed statement; we need to contact LA officer within 15 days to explain our view on the statement.
It will be great help if the members give some guide on how to proceed from this status. Do we need to see a lawyer before the meeting or after we get a final statement.
Thanks in advance

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