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DLA, Carers Allowance. Does this sound right?

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Leithlurker Mon 03-Dec-12 22:21:14

I think you should wait for the award letter, if money turns up in your account put it in a seperate account and leave it till you get the award letter. If the numbers do not tally inform them immediately. If they have overpaid you they can and will claim this back. However it is almost certainly the case that you are right and that you will be due all the money.

Julezboo Sat 01-Dec-12 15:13:00

Applied on 22ng Aug. Rung them yesterday (30th Nov) A decision has been made and we have been awarded the lower rate mobility and a payment of just over £1000 is on its way to me backdated.

This is all new to me. But from looking at the DLA info online we must have been awarded Middle Care Rate and Lower Mobility rate. Which also means I an claim Carers allowance? Is that right?

It seems an awful lot of money and Im worried something has gone wrong somewhere?!

I also spoke to Tax credits. Informed them of the extra money we would be getting to avoid overpayment and they told me my TC will go up too !!! Around £54 a week.

Can someone shed some light? DS2 (5) is ADHD and possible ASD (Still awaiting dx of this)

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