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Free SEN solicitor

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kakool Mon 26-Nov-12 23:50:23

Just for others help, yes you can get free legal help and free advocates and solicitors if you can not afford them and are not entitle to legal aid.
there are charitable orgenisations who help disabled children to fight for their rights and even get you to tribunal.
their names are
voice phone 0808 800 5792
reconstruct phone 0800 389 1571
Nyas phone 0300 3303131

also look at this link below

kakool Thu 22-Nov-12 11:46:16

Yes its post 16 college they are transferring her to.Broughton House in Linlolnshire

Nigel1 Mon 19-Nov-12 21:03:00

To change from one school to another will generate a right of appeal to SEND.
The issue about not accessing the family sounds like a duty on the LA to respect the right to family life - Childrens Act - a socials services issue.
By the time you add the travel costs is the overall cost less?

The only organizations to help are IPSEA and SOS Sen. No SEN solicitor will accept this sort of case on a no win no fee basis as there are no costs awarded in SEN thus he will not get paid.

If he is 16 are the LA looking to transfer the child into a post 16 college?

You may want to look at Advocates who are not qualified lawyers and are therefore cheaper type in Education Advocacy.

Hope this is of help.

kakool Sun 18-Nov-12 10:29:41

Hi all,
i really need your help and advice.

i have a 16 years old daughter with ASD.
i live in London and she was in a 52 weeks boarding school in Dorset.
she has been going through emotional stress due to not seeing family not very frequently, the distance is a problem.
she wants to be close to home, every time i speak to her she talks about home.
she started to damage property and hurt people so she can get rid of the school she is in.
the school said they can not keep her any longer but still would not let her go to another school but are sending her to one of their other school which is in lincolnshire, even furthrer distance than the current one.

i found a school in surrey close to home however the difference in the cost of both schools is some £40,000 annually.
the school close to home did an assessment and say they can meet her needs.
The authority rejected this school and are sending my daughter to the school with less cost and more distance from home.
i know my daughter is suffering and the only thing she wants is to be close to family.

now there is no money to deal with legal cost if i appeal againt the Authority,s decesion.
i can not get legal ad as i have property on my name with a very high mortgage.

i am looking for an orgnisation who can help me with legal cost or a SEN solicitor with no win no fee?
please advice

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