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Dla increase?

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chocolatecakeystuff Sat 02-Mar-13 16:09:41

You may be entiled to the higher rate care I think from the sounds of it. Not 100% sure am no expert x

piglettsmummy Thu 25-Oct-12 19:00:58

This is going to sound really money grabbing, it honestly isn't!!! I've been told ( via a friend) that I've could get more DLA for my daughter. SHe currently gets middle rate for care. As she has a condition where she stoops breathing so I have to tend to her in the night / uses a vent etc... Also epilepsy has been thrown into the mix aswell (possibly absence seizures) which cause her again to stop breathing/ in occasion turn blue but not needing resus. If epilepsy was diagnosed would it increase? I'm so confused!! I always keep them up to date do they automatically assess after each new piece of info is give?

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