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Can a Head refuse to have an Independent Parental Supporter in a meeting to resolve SEN dispute?

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abeltasman Fri 13-Jul-12 07:32:08

My child's Head recently steamrollered some preparation we agreed with the SENCO for his transfer day into Y3. He has ASD and was v anxious about moving into a class with an unknown (new to school) teacher. We got advice from the Outreach worker and suggested extremely simple and achievable methods to help him, which were agreed in our last SENCO meeting. At that meeting in passing they said they wanted to take him off the SEN register but didnt state why. W were also told we could have no input into our sons IEP. My son is currently being treated by camhs for sleep issues due to anxiety from school and has sensory issues that are not being addressed at school.

On the day of the transfer we found none of the agreed preparation had happened, and questioned the Head. She said that she'd 'decided not to do it' and then went onto criticise my parenting as a reason for his anxiety! This despite a letter from camhs stating his issues stemmed from school. As you can understand we are NOT happy and wrote to her stating this.

She called a meeting with us and the SENCO and class teacher. We let her know for courtesy that an IPS from Parent Partnership would attend, as recommended by the Family support Worker. She responded that she 'would not have the IPS at the meeting'. We explained that we wanted them there and that we were not comfortable holding the meeting without them. She responded that she 'would not have them there' and the meeting would go ahead but without them. I was on the phone with the Supporter at the time and she she had never known a Head to refuse an IPS and it was ringing huge warning bells.

What do we do now? We are unhappy with the SEN provision, the way we are steamrollered at every meeting, the fact we can't input into the IEp, and we do not trust the Head one iota, hence asking for an IPs. I understand from the Code of Practice that the LEa has to provide them. Can the head refuse and what legal position is she in? What legal position are we in? The IPS is appalled.

myBOYSareBONKERS Sat 20-Oct-12 09:17:04

Hi. I see this is an old thread but I was wondering what the outcome was? We are also struggling with our sons school

Veritate Sun 28-Oct-12 08:37:12

The bottom line is that if the meeting is on school premises the head is entitled to say who comes into the school and who doesn't. In this situation you could try to have the meeting somewhere like the LA offices but of course you can't compel the head to come.

HeinousHecate Sun 28-Oct-12 08:40:02

Oh I am so sorry that you had no replies when you so badly needed help.

I hope that it worked out for you.

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