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Living conditions

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stepmumto Mon 09-Jul-12 21:05:25

Can someone please help advise us about concerns we have about the living conditions of an Older child with special needs who is living with their Mother and 'step dad'.

One of the siblings has mentioned to their father, they were concerned about the state of their bedroom as it seemed there were lots of 'old furniture and other junk, which is being stored in their bedroom, Father is not allowed access to the property to see for himself

When the father casually questioned the Adult child, it was mentioned there was stuff in their room, but it was not the only room which was a mess, there were other rooms too with junk in.

Mother has carers allowance (not too sure how much) and child has disability allowance and works part time.

So father has concerns as to how the mother is caring for the child. The relationship has all but broken down between, Mother and Father, she is trying to save her marriage and appears to put the step dad above all else.

Do you think he should
a) Get authorities involved
b) Try and see if he can arrange for shared/sheltered housing
c) Try and get siblings to help
d) Do nothing

stepmumto Wed 11-Jul-12 19:04:58

Sort of decicion made, do nothing with view to getting authorities involved if needed.

Until the older sibling is able to visit mother next week (and see what the conditions are like), father is not able to do anything, but has now found out if he needs to, he can arrange for a social worker to visit (something to do with safeguarding vunerable adults).

So while he is not happy over the situation, he does not want to do anything which would mean the person in question is taken out of what they know and has no family or friends with them.

Hope no one else is in this situation, but at least there is something that can be done if needed.

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