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Advice needed on disabled parking for my son outside my home..

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crazymare20 Sun 10-Jun-12 13:29:49

what a shit!! i would be tempted to get someone to park behind him near the end of the day and block him in comlpetley. Then i would go out for tea for a few hours and let him stew.
and repeat as necessary

Notmyselfatall Tue 05-Jun-12 18:58:54

Bump sad

Notmyselfatall Tue 05-Jun-12 17:56:32

Hiya, just wanted some advice on this...basically I live in a new build, adapted 3 bedroom flat, there are two adapted ground floor flats and outside in the car park there are 2 disabled spaces, one for my son, one for next door's needs, I was told these spaces were allocated to me and my neighbour, the property is rented by the council.
I don't drive but my wee boy 5, has a carer using this space and my parents and relatives need this space to get ds in and out of the car safely, ds is severely disabled, cannot walk, talk, has genetic disorder, severe epilepsy etc, but for the past month and a bit a man with a disabled badge has been parking in the space before my ds's carer gets there in the morning, this man is working in the building site across the road...he is well aware of my son and the fact I NEED this space, he is able to work 8 hrs or whatever on a building site, yet my son can barely lift his head?? He has been reported several times now and the council are apparently looking into this..whenever he is approached on the subject he promptly lifts his shirt and shows off some scars!! Just as if to prove that he has a right to park there... I am also heavily pregnant and cannot lift my ds without great difficulty into a car, never mind a car that has to be parked much further away because of this man....what can I do? I want to confront him but need some facts. Please help

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