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Advice needed on rights of disabled adults

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HecateTrivia Sun 22-Apr-12 18:21:46

Seems like there's a legal right to an assessment.

But they're cutting services left right and centre, so you've got to fight.

Pablop Sun 22-Apr-12 18:16:34

HecateTrivia, thank you, I'll have a look at your links, really want to help but didn't know where to start.

HecateTrivia Sun 22-Apr-12 18:14:12

info here

disability rights organisation

info here

That last one says local authorities have a legal obligation to provide day services but not to ensure that every person has access to them hmm

Pablop Sun 22-Apr-12 18:07:47

My cousin is 45 and is disabled, basically from the age of 2 her brain did not develop, she can walk but cannot talk, communicate, bath, dress or feed herself, she has always been cared for by my Aunty and uncle who are now pensioners.
They lived in Leeds until a year ago when they moved to London to be closer to their daughters.
When they lived in Leeds, my cousin was collected every week day by a bus and taken to a day centre from 9-3pm. A year later my Aunty has had no help at all, she has been told there is a shortage of places, consequently they are virtually housebound as they have nobody to look after her. Their other daughters work fulltime but help at weekends. My other worry is that she no longer receives the same stimulation as she is sat at home all day.
Does anybody know whether she has rights to attend a day centre if only for a few days a week and who I should contact.

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