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DLA help with ASD.

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T3009 Tue 08-May-12 22:33:39


chocjunkie Tue 08-May-12 11:54:25

cerebra guide

T3009 Mon 07-May-12 18:02:40

What's the cerebra guide, where can you find it please? Need to fill DLA form for m son - a real nightmare

MrsMagnolia Mon 26-Mar-12 19:30:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oldteacher Fri 23-Mar-12 14:16:30

I'm starting to gather information to fill in a DLA form for DS who has ASD. Some of his needs 'come and go', for example, he has had a period where he destroyed our sofa by pulling at a hole in the fabric, bit by bit. He then stopped it for a few weeks but started again- and very often the pattern is like this with many of his behaviours. It's really hard to say his needs take us x time per day/week because it seems very cyclical. Is it ok to include activities which don't happen as regulary as every week?

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